Bookkeeper at McPherson High School

October 3, 2020 0 Comments
Duties for McPherson High School Bookkeeper


Write checks as needed and requested. These are completed from activity vouchers that are completed by Sponsors and Coaches and Admin etc.

Official checks

Need to attach a W-9 if we do not have one on file. We will enter their information so we can track for 1099 purposes at the end of the year.


Write receipts for all monies turned into for deposit and verification.


Total deposit and draw a line in book where it ends. Write the receipt numbers that are included and the total for posting reference. Verify everything is correct before posting.

Game days

Get change for gate beginning cash and concessions. Write the checks to take to the bank days in advance to have plenty of ftime to get the necessary cash to fill the orders.

Monthly duties

Close books at the beginning of the month. Print all necessary reports,bank reconciliation, check register, deposits, disbursements etc. for your book and superintendent secretary at Central Office. Make sure principal review and initials all reports in your binder.

File Sales Tax

Monthly by the 25th and that include months in the summer that you do not have tax.

Reconcile PettyCash

Petty cash can not be over 1025 atmonths end and MUST be 1025 to close out the fiscal year.

Process all Card charges

You will receive the monthly report from Central Office (NicoleGarcia). You will have a deadline to reconcile and return to central office balanced and finished.

Enrollment Fees

Make sure all enrollment monies are transferred to Central Office before 06/30. Make sure and give them plenty of time to process the check.

Plan books and grade books

Before the teachers leave for the summer be sure and get acount on how many grade and plan books you will need for them in August.

Audit Reports

As soon as you have your month end and year end done June 30. Prepare to have all your reports taken to the auditors office so they can start working on it.

Transfer of fees

Deposit the enrollment funds into your petty cash will need to write the checks to the other schools ASAPso you are not over 1025.


Principal will give you budget amounts after they receive information from Central Office.

Fee statements

Always include fees statement in all progress reports, and grade cards that are mailed out.These are printed from Powerschool

Activities duties

Responsible for all gate and concession bags beginning cash and reconciling after the event.

End of year

Collect enrollment fees for Seniors and others.You will need to get everything ready and in order for year-end and audit. Copy over new files for the new fiscal year. Make sure from month to month to stay in balance.